Dosquince was born willing to create a place where introducing upcoming designers, trends and lifestyles. A different point of view from the one big franchisings are offering while dressing everyone in their uniforms.
We believe things made in little quantities are made with bigger love and that no one should have to sell their family jewels to afford exclusive design.

If you are looking for ground-breaking design, unique accessories and details to make your everyday life even more beautiful, visit


Lilian Ortiz

Lilian Ortiz Arévalo

I had a return ticket Medellín-Pamplona. How was I supposed to know I would find so many reasons to stay! I fell in love. With my boy, the city and all the opportunities that it gave me. Because it may not be a “fashion capital” as Paris or New York City, but it gave me the chance of living my passion for fashion and design. After a whole life into numbers and finance, it wasn’t an easy leap. I made everyone crazy with my plans and ideas, asking for advice and solving doubts. Luckily I found the perfect partner for this adventure and to bring to life this dream called Dosquince.

Zuri - Creadora Dosquince

Zuriñe Silván Sagüés

Born in Pamplona but fostered by Milan, since I can remember I have been crazy about fashion. Crazy enough as to move into Milan without knowing a single word of Italian to work as a fashion journalist! After several years as a fashion stylist for Italian Glamour, I have make a U turn in my life and now I work as a patternmaker in an upcoming designers lab.
Finding Lili was the spark I needed to throw myself into this project and, if I already have made a U turn in my life, who says I can’t make another one?